It's being blocked now for me because I'm trying to protect my network. But I wanted to add to HoodMaps these two Airbnbs that made it weird for me when I was in Innsbruck and Vienna (Wien).
Julian +43 681 1059397 (Innsbruck Airbnb)
Rebecca 004 369911996294 (Vienna Airbnb)
39a Grossperlgasse
The Airbnb are nodes in their network of airbnbs where the perpetrators surveil travelers through the hacked WIFI networks and there was a strange washer/dryer issue, which led to probably an Evil Maid Attack.
The laws of Austria allow this to be so. They're very aggressive and due to the Austrian Neutral State and their laws allowing foreign powers to surveil as long as they don't touch Austrians,the state allows it. It's not safe they target LGBTQ+ folks.